8 Days & 7 Nights

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02 Nov 2024




1.750 EUR

Across the Mountains of Cape Verde

Get ready to explore the stunning landscapes and vibrant culture of this beautiful archipelago. This tour will offer you the opportunity to discover the most emblematic islands of Cape Verde! Hike through lush valleys, traverse rugged mountain trails, and discover pristine beaches along the coastline. Immerse yourself in the vibrant local culture, sampling traditional cuisine and experiencing the warm hospitality of the Cabo Verdean people. Whether you’re an experienced hiker or a nature enthusiast, Cabo Verde is a paradise waiting to be explored.
São Vicente is considered the capital of music and culture. Mindelo, its city, is the birthplace of the famous “morna” immortalized by the warm voice of the barefoot diva, Cesária Évora, and by many other natural singers of the island. Walking around Mindelo also means discovering beautiful, well-preserved colonial buildings. The island also hides beautiful corners and beautiful beaches that you can explore.
Santo Antão is an island of fertile valleys, where villages and banana plantations, and sugar cane fields have been established. The paths rise to ridges and quickly open up to balconies above the ocean. A journey of conviviality, sharing, and authenticity!


  • Mindelo, the cultural capital of Cape Verde
  • Hidden beaches and fishing village
  • Spectacular scenery with breathtaking landscapes as you hike
  • Cultural and musical heritage and richeness
  • Local Gastronomy & Warm Hospitality

Tour Information


  • Pre-departure Information Pack
  • Welcome briefing in English
  • Full Hiking Guided tour - 6 Hike days
  • Smartphone App & GPS Tracks
  • Transfer from Airport / Ferry
  • Transfers during the tour as mentioned in the daily description
  • Ferry tickets (São Vicente / Santo Antão / São Vicente)
  • 7 nights on double/twin room with breakfast
  • 6 Lunchs or Picnics (D2 to D7)
  • 6 Dinners (D1 to D6)


  • All non-mentioned Services or Activities
  • Liability and personal accidents insurance
  • International & Domestic Flights
  • Dinner D7
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Tourist taxes (2,5€/person /night)
  • Visa fees and Tips
  • Price

    1.750 EUR

  • Single room supplement

    +350 EUR

  • Duration

    8 Days & 7 Nights

  • Accommodation


  • Start / Finish

    São Vicente / São Vicente

  • Tour Grade

  • Daily Distance

    4-16 km / Day

  • Daily Elevation Gain

    +100 / +1000m

  • Profile

    Mountainous / Hilly

  • Route

    Trails and paths between volcanic sections

Included and Optional Services






  • Personalized assistance throughout the booking
  • Pre-departure Information Pack (checklist, travel information)
  • Tour Information (description of daily stages & profiles)
  • 7 nights on double/twin room with breakfast
  • 6 Lunchs or Picnics (D2 to D7)
  • 6 Dinners (D1 to D6)
  • Transfers during the tour as mentioned in the daily description
  • Transfer from / to airport and ferry
  • Ferrys between islands (São Vicente / Santo Antão / São Vicente)
  • Welcome briefing in English
  • Full Hiking Guided tour - 6 Days
  • Smartphone App & GPS Tracks
  • Single room supplement: +350 EUR




Welcome to São Vicente!

Today marks the beginning of a new adventure. Our guide will pick you up from the airport and take you to your accommodation for the first few nights. Charming and delightful, Mindelo is the second-largest city in Cape Verde. Regarded as the cultural capital of Cape Verde’s music and colors, it’s a city that invites us to explore and discover its colonial buildings. Make the most of the rest of the day by visiting this port city, strolling along its white sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters, or, if you prefer, exploring its museums and historical monuments. Enjoy a unique experience in this captivating destination

Transfer to hotel

00:30 h

Oásis Atlântico

Porto Grande Hotel


Xoxo Valley

Explore one of Cape Verde’s lushest and most beautiful valleys!

Today, we invite you on an extraordinary journey to the island of mountains! Following a delightful breakfast, a quick transfer (5min) from the hotel to Mindelo’s port awaits, where we’ll catch the ferry to Santo Antão. Upon arriving at Porto Novo’s pier on Santo Antão, a picturesque transfer (45m) will guide us through the famed Corda road, treating us to incredible views of the island’s majestic peaks. A transfer from the hotel will take you to the enchanting Ribeira da Vinha. This scenic walk traverses a volcanic cone and unveils a magnificent 150m waterfall, offering a superb hike with a breathtaking 360º panoramic view. Immerse yourself in the natural beauty of the surroundings, abundant with vibrant flora and a refreshing atmosphere. Enjoy a delightful local lunch during the journey, adding a taste of authentic Cape Verdean cuisine to your experience. The day concludes with a transfer to your hotel in Ponta do Sol, ensuring you savor every moment of this picturesque adventure.

Ferry to Santo Antão

01:00 h

Hike Distance

5 km

Elevation Gain

+ 300 m

Hotel Paul Mar


Vale do Paúl

Discover Santo Antão, the island of mountains!

Our adventure continues as we embark on a captivating hike, ascending to the summit of Pico do António, where panoramic vistas await. Traverse the lush Paul Valley, Cape Verde’s verdant garden, along an exotic route nestled in the heart of the valley. This unforgettable journey will lead us from one typical house to another, weaving through cultivated fields of vegetables. After the hike, a brief transfer will whisk us away to the hotel, ensuring you end your day of exploration with comfort and tranquility.

Hike Distance


Elevation Gain

+ 600 m

Tiduca Hotel


Ponta do Sol to Cruzinha

Discover Fontainhas, one of the world’s most breathtaking views!

Today, an unforgettable hike is planned to introduce you to a village recognized by National Geographic for having one of the best views in the world: Fontainhas. Nestled in the mountains with a narrow access road along cliffs above the sea, it is the highlight of the day. The journey begins at Ponta do Sol and follows the narrow road of Fontainhas, unveiling various types of cultivation. We will then reach the ‘Selada’ de Corvo, where panoramic views await. Continuing to Formiguinhas, a small seaside village, we’ll pass through Aranhas, an abandoned town, and arrive at Ribeira Seca Beach, with its striking black and white sands and lava caves. The journey concludes in the picturesque fishing village of Cruzinha, ensuring a truly unique experience.

Hiking Distance

16 km

Elevation Gain

+ 1000 m

Tiduca Hotel


Janela’s Trail

Wander amidst nature and culture!

After savoring a delightful traditional breakfast, a transfer will escort you to Janela, the starting point of an extraordinary trail winding through banana, sugar cane, papaya, and mango plantations. This journey unfolds as an opportunity to marvel at and appreciate nature in its purest form—a leisurely stroll amidst valleys and farmers’ homes, providing the perfect occasion to discover and engage with the local community. As the day concludes, relish in a traditional and delectable meal, immersed in the vibrant colors and flavors of the unique sojourn awaiting you.

Hike Distance

7 km

Elevation Gain

+ 500 m

Santantao Art Resort


Ribeira das Patas & Alto Mira Valley

Marvel at panoramic views of the island!

After these incredible and unforgettable days, today we embark on an exploration of the southwest of the island. Here, we’ll encounter isolated villages and warm-hearted locals. Following a brief transfer (15min) to Alto Mira, we’ll embark on a short hike towards Ribeira das Patas, where we can engage with the local inhabitants and experience their daily lives, including witnessing their traditional and rudimentary methods of water transportation.

Along this trail, we’ll pass through sites like Forquinha, treating us to breathtaking panoramic views of Alto da Mira and Ribeira das Patas. As the day concludes, a transfer will take us to Porto Novo’s pier, where we’ll board a ferry to Mindelo. Upon reaching Mindelo, we’ll be chauffeured to the hotel for an overnight stay.

Hike Distance

6 km

Elevation Gain

+ 300 m

Ferry to Mindelo


Oásis Atlântico

Porto Grande Hotel


Mindelo & Calhau Volcano Center

Embark on an extraordinary hike in the Calhau Volcanic center.

The day begins in Mindelo, the pride and joy of São Vicente island. After exploring this beautiful city, brace yourself for an extraordinary hiking adventure in the heart of the Calhau volcanic crater! Today, you’ll immerse yourself in the captivating landscapes of this dormant volcano, journeying through a world sculpted by ancient volcanic forces. Each step reveals breathtaking remnants of the Earth’s tumultuous past, showcasing awe-inspiring lava formations and rugged terrain that narrate a compelling geological tale.

As you explore the crater, soak in panoramic views of its vast expanse, allowing the sheer wonder of nature to captivate your senses. Following this exploration, a convenient transfer will take you to Praia Grande. Here, relish a leisurely walk by the ocean and seize the opportunity to swim in Baía das Gatas, a natural bay renowned for its scenic beauty.

Hiking Distance

4 km

Elevation Gain

+ 100 m

Oásis Atlântico

Porto Grande Hotel



That’s it! Our splendid program has come to an end.

Time goes by incredibly fast when you’re having fun, but unfortunately, all good things must come to an end! We hope that the memories and experiences that we have created and shared stay with you forever. Get ready for your trip back home. Our guide will be ready to pick you up at the hotel. We hope you join us again soon to discover some more of Exotic Nature Trails!