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Deluxe Hiking to Machu Picchu

Join us on an unforgettable guided Deluxe Hiking to Machu Picchu tour through the breathtaking landscapes of Peru, meticulously organized by Exotic Nature Trails. Our journey begins in Cusco, a city steeped in history and culture, proudly holding the title of the oldest city on the American continent. Under the guidance of our expert tour leaders, you’ll explore the cobblestone streets and ancient ruins of this fascinating city, delving into its rich Inca heritage and colonial charm.

No journey to Peru would be complete without a visit to the iconic citadel of Machu Picchu, the crown jewel of the Inca Civilization. Our Deluxe Hiking to Machu Picchu tour is not just about natural wonders and archaeological sites; it’s also a celebration of Peru’s vibrant culture and gastronomy. From traditional dances to immersive cultural experiences, the Deluxe Hiking to Machu Picchu tour offers a comprehensive insight into the heart and soul of Peru.

Embark on this extraordinary journey, where every step reveals a new adventure, and every moment is filled with wonder.  Your dream of exploring Peru’s highlights becomes a reality, as our knowledgeable guides will lead you along scenic trails, ensuring you have ample opportunity to immerse yourself in the serenity of this breathtaking landscape.


  • Cusco, the oldest city in the american continent
  • Quillarumiyoc archaeological site
  • Turquoise waters of Humantay Lake
  • Spectacular scenery with breathtaking landscapes
  • Machu Picchu and the Inca Civilization
  • Local Culture & Gastronomy

Tour Information


  • Pre-departure Information Pack
  • Welcome briefing in English
  • Full Hiking Guided tour - 8 Hike days
  • 7 Days - Salkantay to Machu Picchu with Mountain Lodges
  • Transfer from Airport / Hotel / Airport
  • Transfers during the tour as mentioned in the daily description
  • Entrances included for the mentioned attractions
  • 9 nights on double/twin room with breakfast
  • 7 Lunchs (D3 to D9)
  • 7 Dinners (D2 to D8)


  • All non-mentioned Services or Activities
  • Liability and personal accidents insurance
  • International & Domestic Flights
  • Dinner D1, D9, D10
  • Lunch D1, D2, D10
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Tourist taxes
  • Visa fees and Tips
  • Price

    4.950 EUR

  • Single room supplement

    +2.750 EUR

  • Duration

    10 Days & 9 Nights

  • Accommodation

    Lodges | Superior

  • Start / Finish

    Cusco / Cusco

  • Tour Grade

  • Daily Distance

    5-16 km / Day

  • Daily Elevation Gain

    +0 / +800m

  • Profile

    Mountainous / Hilly

  • Route


Included and Optional Services






  • Personalized assistance throughout the booking
  • Pre-departure Information Pack (checklist, travel information)
  • Tour Information (description of daily stages & profiles)
  • 9 nights on double/twin room with breakfast
  • 7 Lunchs (D3 to D9)
  • 7 Dinners (D2 to D8)
  • Transfers during the tour as mentioned in the daily description
  • Transfer from Airport / Hotel / Airport
  • Welcome briefing in English
  • Full Hiking Guided tour - 8 Hike days
  • 7 Days - Salkantay to Machu Picchu with Mountain Lodges
  • Single room supplement: +2.750 EUR




Welcome to Cusco!

Upon your arrival at Cusco airport, you will find our Guest Services Representative waiting for you in the arrivals area. After collecting your luggage, simply walk through the doors and look for a sign with your name. Our representative will assist you with the transfer to your hotel. Later in the day, you will have a briefing session with the guide for the trek to Salkantay.


00:15 h

Palacio del Inka

Luxury Collection


CUSCO City Tour

City Tour & Nearby Ruins

This guided tour starts by picking you up from your hotel and taking you to the sacred temple of Qoricancha, which means “Golden Courtyard” in Quechua. During the Inca times, this site was covered in gold and was the most opulent temple in the Inca Empire. It was said to contain a golden sundial. Unfortunately, the Spanish destroyed most of the gold and sent it back to Spain. What remains today is the splendid Inca stonework used in its construction. After Qoricancha, the tour takes you to Cusco’s Plaza de Armas, which was once the central location of the Inca Empire. Here, you will learn about the history of this town square. Lastly, you will visit Sacsayhuaman, a vast fortress that overlooks the city of Cusco. This site was first constructed by the pre-Inca Killke culture around 1100 A.D. The Inca added walls made of custom-shaped square, trapezoidal, and rectangular stones that were fitted so finely together that you couldn’t even insert a thin sheet of paper between them. Sacsayhuaman is one of the best examples of the Incan engineering brilliance.


City Tour

Palacio del Inka

Luxury Collection




Your guide and driver will pick you up from your hotel in Cusco after an early breakfast. On the way to the mountain village of Mollepata, you will visit the Quillarumiyoc archaeological site. After that, you will have lunch at El Pedregal, a beautiful farmhouse in the village. Here, you can learn about local agriculture and livestock. After lunch, you will go on a scenic ride on the winding mountain road to Challacancha. From there, you will start your hike to our flagship Salkantay Lodge at Soraypampa along a picturesque path called the “Camino Real” (Royal Path).

Transfer to


Hike Distance

6 km

Elevation Gain

+ 800 m

Salkantay Lodge




After having breakfast, you will start climbing up the slopes that border the plateau behind Salkantay Lodge. After an hour and a half, you will be rewarded with the first glimpse of the lake’s glistening turquoise waters and the Humantay glacier looming overhead. Once you reach the lake, you can relax, have a snack, meditate in the tranquility of this magical spot, and participate in a traditional ceremony to honor “la Pachamama” (Mother Earth). After descending back to the lodge, the Salkantay staff will welcome you with a hot lunch. You will have the afternoon at leisure to relax, get a massage, or soak in the outdoor hot tub while enjoying a spectacular view of the Salkantay Peak at sunset.

Hiking Distance

5 km

Elevation Gain

+ 400 m

Salkantay Lodge




After an early start, the trek towards the Salkantay Pass begins. During the trek, you will pass by Humantay Peak and gradually make your way through expansive plateaus that are connected by enormous boulders. These boulders are remnants of Rio Blanco Valley, which was once bisected by a fast-flowing river. The last and most challenging part of the trek is the ascent towards the pass, which is the highest point on the trail and stands at 4,636 meters. Once you reach the pass, you will begin a dramatic descent through fields of large boulders and natural stone formations, which are often shrouded in fog. After the descent, you will have some time to rest and enjoy some trail mix before embarking on the final hike through the area’s bucolic countryside. The rolling hills will eventually lead you through marsh-like plateaus to the Wayra Lodge at Wayraccmachay. Here, you can wash away the trail dirt and enjoy a hot and tasty lunch. In the afternoon, you can relax in the Jacuzzi or enjoy the great and impressive views of the surrounding high snowed peaks.

Hike Distance

12 km

Elevation Gain

+ 800 m

Wayra Lodge




After enjoying a leisurely breakfast at the Wayra Lodge, you will continue your descent towards the cloud forest. You will be walking along the banks of the Salkantay River, surrounded by increasingly verdant scenery. As you progress, the warm air will begin to rise from the edge of the jungle, accompanied by colorful butterflies and striking orchids. During your hike, you will see more local Andean people as the trail takes you past their simple homes and makeshift fences. At approximately midday, you will arrive at Colpa Lodge, which is located on a high promontory at the confluence of three rivers. Upon your arrival, the Colpa staff will greet you with a Pachamanca lunch, which is a traditional Peruvian meal cooked below the ground with hot stones that create a natural oven. After lunch, you can spend the afternoon lounging in the sun or relaxing in the outdoor hot tub while taking in the panoramic views of the lush green mountains that surround you.

Hike Distance

8 km

Elevation Gain

+ 0 m

Colpa Lodge




Today, you will embark on a hike through the Santa Teresa River Valley, along a rolling trail. You will cross fertile fruit orchards and streams that originate from glacier-fed waterfalls. You can take a rest alongside the river to have some trail mix before continuing your hike for another hour. After that, you will be met by an MLP transport vehicle for a short drive to the bottom of the Llactapata Inca Trail steps. These steps will lead you to Lucma Lodge where you’ll enjoy an excellent lunch. Later, you can visit an organic coffee plantation, one of many in the area, which produces some of the best organic coffees globally. You’ll also notice a shift in the climate as the hot air and increased humidity signal that you are even closer to the edge of the Amazon Jungle in Lucmabamba.

Hiking Distance

16 km

Elevation Gain

+ 300 m

Lucma Lodge




After having breakfast, you will leave Lucma Lodge and begin a 2-3 hour climb through the cloud forest. The path is mostly made up of original Inca steps and you will be surrounded by a lush tree line that creates green canopies overhead. You will also hear the sound of rushing water which suggests that the river is nearby. Your first milestone for the day will be reaching the top of the peak. This is the last peak you will climb before descending to the Aobamba River Valley which will connect you to Machu Picchu. Once you arrive at the Llactapata Pass at 2,736m, you will be delighted by a southeast view of Machu Picchu. This is a sight that few travelers have the chance to admire. After exploring Llactapata and the Inca tambo fort that marks the pass, you will enjoy a picnic lunch at a mountain lookout point with panoramic views. The final descent along a zigzagging trail will take you through lush bamboo forests, varied fruit orchards, and more coffee plantations. As you cross the bridge over the Aobamba River, you will celebrate and take your final steps of the trek en route to the Hidroelectrica train station. From there, you will enjoy a scenic one-hour train ride to the town of Aguas Calientes, located on the banks of the Urubamba River at the base of Machu Picchu.

Hiking Distance

10 km

Elevation Gain

+ 700 m



Inkaterra Machu Picchu

Pueblo Hotel




Your journey to Machu Picchu begins with a morning bus ride uphill. As you enter the “sanctuary” as locals call it, you will be awed by the imposing and skillful architecture of the Watchtower, the Temple of the Sun, and the royal Inca residences, among others. After a two-hour guided tour, you will have free time to explore on your own, including a hike up Huayna Picchu Mountain for dramatic views that stretch from the Urubamba River Valley to the edge of the Amazon Jungle. At some point, be sure to take a moment to sit quietly, listen to the wind, meditate, and absorb the mystical energy that envelops you. After the visit, you will have lunch in Aguas Calientes, followed by a scenic Vistadome train ride to Ollantaytambo and a vehicle transfer to your hotel in Cusco. As night falls and you arrive amidst the hustle and bustle of the city, you will be touched by a feeling of peace and rejuvenation that will linger long after your journey home.

Machu Picchu






Palacio del Inka

Luxury Collection

DAY 10


That’s it! Our splendid program has come to an end.

Time goes by incredibly fast when you’re having fun, but unfortunately, all good things must come to an end! We hope that the memories and experiences that we have created and shared stay with you forever. Get ready for your trip back home. Our guide will be ready to pick you up at the hotel. We hope you join us again soon to discover some more of Exotic Nature Trails!