12 Days & 11 Nights

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11 Nov 2024




3.950 EUR

Yunnan China Crossing by Road Bike

This program gives you the opportunity to travel among the mountains, in one of the largest gorges in the world, and along ancient roads of the tea trade route! Gather your forces in the ancient villages and towns and tackle the mountainous roads. Each climb will be rewarded with miles of stunning scenery, and at the end of the day immersed in the community and its genuine people. Get to know the region, the gastronomy, the people – a new world!


  • Authentic Tibetan Monasteries
  • Tiger Leaping Gorge, one of the largest canyons on Earth
  • Baishuitai - A unique natural landscape
  • Lijiang, UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • The Naxi people and their religion

Tour Information


  • Pre-departure Information Pack
  • English speaking guide
  • Full Road Guided tour - 7 Riding days
  • Smartphone App & GPS Tracks
  • Support vehicle
  • 11 nights on double/twin room with breakfast
  • 9 Picnics (D2 to D10)
  • 11 Dinners (D1 to D11)
  • High speed Train from Dali to Kunming
  • Airport transfers on D1 / D12
  • Entrance ticket of the scenic spots
  • Travel Insurance


  • All non-mentioned Services or Activities
  • International & Domestic Flights
  • Alcoholic beverages and any items of a personal nature
  • Tourist taxes
  • Visa fees
  • Tips
  • Bike rental not available
  • Price

    3.950 EUR

  • Single room supplement

    +750 EUR

  • Duration

    12 Days & 11 Nights

  • Accommodation

    Superior | Confort

  • Start / Finish

    Shangri-la / Kunming

  • Tour Grade

  • Daily Distance

    70-100 km / Day

  • Daily Elevation Gain

    +700 / +2.300m

  • Profile


  • Route

    Mountainous roads with climbs between the gorge and forests

Included and Optional Services






  • Personalized assistance throughout the booking
  • Pre-departure Information Pack (checklist, travel information)
  • Tour Information (description of daily stages & profiles)
  • 11 nights on double/twin room with breakfast
  • 9 Picnics (D2 to D10)
  • 11 Dinners (D1 to D11)
  • High speed Train from Dali to Kunming
  • Airport transfers on D1 / D12
  • Support vehicle
  • English speaking guide
  • Full Road Guided tour - 7 days
  • Smartphone App & GPS Tracks
  • Single room supplement: +750 EUR
  • Airport transfers on D1 / D12



Arrival at Shangri-La Airport (DIG)

Welcome to Yunnan!

On the first day of the Yunnan China Crossing by Road Bike tour, your driver and tour guide will pick you up from Shangri-La Airport and bring you to the hotel for check-in.


00:30 h

Arro Khampa Boutique Hotel


Shangri-La Loop

Let the adventure begin!

As Shangri-La is 3300 meters high, we will start with some easier sections to get you used to it. You will start by visiting the Ganden Sumtseling Monastery, the largest in the Yunnan region. Then cycle to the Baji Monastery in the ancient city of Zhongdian. This monastery was built in the Yuan dynasty (13th century) and its walls contain hundreds of years of history! After a typical lunch with a Tibetan family, visit the Cheng’en monastery, in Nuoxi village. To conclude the day, let yourself be absorbed by true Buddhist culture at Dabao Monastery.

Cycling Distance

30 km

Arro Khampa Boutique Hotel


Shangri-La – Bai Shui Tai

A challenging day, with adrenaline and a rewarding ending!

Today’s route will start on the Donghuanxian road, which is a flat stretch of road that takes you through some beautiful Tibetan villages. However, things will start to get tougher as we reach the first climb of the day, especially given the high altitude we’re at. But don’t worry, just take your time and enjoy the breathtaking views around you.

There will be many challenging climbs and descents throughout the day, but the end goal is definitely worth it – Baishuitai. Once you check-in, we highly recommend taking a walk to the Baishuitai Terrace, a spiritual site that holds great significance for the Naxi people. It’s a fascinating natural landscape that has been evolving for hundreds of thousands of years!

Cycling Distance

102 km

Elevation Gain

+ 1400 m

Baodan Hotel


Bai Shui Tai – Tiger Leaping Gorge

Discover one of the largest canyons on Earth!

After your breakfast, you’ll begin the day with some small climbs and descents. Then, you’ll face a larger uphill section that will lead you to a small pass with a breathtaking view of Haba mountain and its enchanting valley. Get ready for a 6 km descent until you reach the village of Haba, where you’ll have the opportunity to discover the traditional Naxi gastronomy.

After gathering your strength here, you’ll face a 7 km climb to an altitude of 3250m. The climb will be rewarded with a long descent of 25 km until you reach the Yangtze River valley. As you pass through Yonke village, you’ll head towards the famous Tiger Leaping Gorge, which is one of the largest and deepest gorges in the world. The gorge is 16km long, has 34 rapids and is almost 4km deep from the top of the mountain!

Cycling Distance

69 km

Elevation Gain

+ 1900 m

Shanquan Guesthouse


Tiger Leaping Gorge

Rest and enjoy the peace of the canyon.

Today you can choose between a few options. Use the bikes for a 30km round-trip along the Yangtze River, or take a walk closer to the river to see the rapids. You can also choose to walk along the trails that go up the mountain and enjoy the immense beauty of the snow-capped mountains that surround the third largest gorge in the world!

Shanquan Guesthouse


Tiger Leaping Gorge – Lijiang

Meet the Naxi people – a fascinating ethnic minority!

You will begin your day with a 12km walk to the Yangtze ferry, where you will cross the river and begin a steady 30km climb. After accumulating 1500m of elevation, you will reach the Dragon Snow mountain pass, which is at an altitude of 3100 meters. From here, you can enjoy an undulating route with long descents, until you reach the Lijiang region. Along the way, you will cross the Dragon Snow Mountain Park, which is known as a natural glacier museum! You will make a short stop in the Blue Moon Valley, where you can enjoy the beauty of a crystal blue river.

Our guide will pick you up and take you the last 30km to Lijiang city, an ancient city of the Naxi people. The Naxi people are a Chinese ethnic minority who are distinguished by their matriarchal society, pictographic language, and distinctive music. Traditionally, Naxi women manage commerce, while men dedicate themselves to music and gardening. These traits can still be seen in the communities today. You can distinguish Naxi women by their blue capes and robes.

Cycling Distance

98 km

Elevation Gain

+ 2300 m

Arro Khampa Hotel


Lijiang – Shaxi

A city untouched by time!

You will be taken outside the city to embark on a memorable day trip through rural Yunnan. Following the famous Tibetan Road 214, you will be enchanted by the peaceful scenery filled with rice paddies and authentic Tibetan villages. As you near Shaxi, you will encounter two short but steep climbs before descending through the countryside to reach the town. Here, you will feel as if time has stood still and life has been unchanged and independent for centuries. Don’t forget to check your brakes during the long descent!

Cycling Distance

100 km

Elevation Gain

+ 1200 m

Sunyata Shaxi Hotel


Rest Day or Trekking to Minjing village

Relax and let yourself get lost in the streets of Shaxi.

Shaxi was originally a trading point for tea and horses during the Tang dynasty (618-907 AD). However, its prosperity reached its peak during the Ming and Qing dynasties (1368-1912 AD). It is one of the oldest and most well-preserved caravan and trading cities in Yunnan, Burma, and Tibet. It was also one of the most important cities on the tea route. Alternatively, if you prefer, you can continue your cycling journey and ride to Mijing via Mappingguan.

Sunyata Shaxi Hotel


Shaxi – Eryuan

A long ride along the riverbank.

Today, let’s start our day by cycling along the Tea Route Road, which was once a heavily trafficked route used to transport tea and salt between Tibet and India. We’ll follow the bank of the Heihui River for 47 km, passing through some interesting villages, until we reach Liantie, where we’ll stop for a well-deserved lunch. After lunch, we’ll be transferred to a mountain pass situated at an altitude of 3000m. On the other side of the pass, we’ll begin a long descent of 22 km, which will take us to the village of Eryuan.

Cycling Distance

101 km

Elevation Gain

+ 1500 m

Vienna Hotel

DAY 10

Eryuan – Dali

Discover the center of an ancient empire!

This morning marks your final day on the bike. You’ll be cycling along a paved road that runs between the Canshan Mountains and Erhai Lake. Your destination is Dali, a fascinating city that is home to the Bai people, one of China’s largest minority groups. Dali was once the center of the ancient 8th-century Nanzhao empire, and it still holds a wealth of history and culture within its walls.

Today, you have the chance to explore the city’s lively streets, impressive walls, and bustling shopping centers. In the 16th century, Dali was an important gateway for cultural and commercial exchange with other Southeast Asian countries. Today, it stands as an authentic multicultural center, with a diverse range of ethnic groups that can be seen in its architecture, streets, and colorful markets.

Cycling Distance

57 km

Elevation Gain

+ 700 m

Honglongjing Hotel

DAY 11

Dali – Kunming

Today, a day full of culture awaits you!

While in Dali, make sure to visit the Xiazhou market and its old neighborhoods. Take the time to admire the traditional Bai architectural style of the buildings and squares, and be sure to taste the Three-Course Tea. You’ll also have the chance to discover this distinct culture! After your visit to Xiazhou market, head over to Zhoucheng village, famously known as “The House of Dyeing”. Here, you can learn from the Bai people how to dye fabrics! To conclude your day, take the high-speed train to Kunming and enjoy the rest of the day sightseeing.

Cycling Distance


Green Lake

DAY 12



Time flies when you’re having fun, but unfortunately, the Yunnan China Crossing by Road Bike has come to an end. We hope that the memories and experiences we have shared will stay with you forever. It’s time to prepare for your trip back home. Our guide will be waiting for you at the hotel. We look forward to welcoming you back soon to discover more of Exotic Nature Trails!